The company

We're a young information technology venture, developing cutting edge
machine learning solutions.

Our specialty is
deep learning for natural language processing & image recognition.


Data & Intelligence

Data is the oil of the 21st century. But just like crude oil won't power a car, raw data doesn't present any insights. We help you dig at the right spots, refine your data and distill the most interesting bits from it.

In data analytics terms, we go all the way from exploratory data analysis to accurate and scalable predictive models.



Based in Zurich, we offer our services from Switzerland to the world.

Services à la carte
Exploratory analysis

We help you discover opportunities within your data.

Data science

We create insights and present to decision makers.

Machine learning

We build predictive models, from prototypes to scalable solutions.


Software Development

We have strong coding skills, from developing proof-of-concepts to building scalable cloud-based SAAS applications.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

We have built successful models for text, images and general structured data using standard machine learning as well as deep learning.


Business Perspective

Having worked at top-tier consulting firms, we know how to ask the questions that are critical for success.


Survey coding

Automatically code open ended questions of surveys using Codit.co.


Sample Application

Sentiment analysis

Detect the sentiment of large amounts of text, such as tweets, comments or newspaper articles.

Sample Application

Object recognition

Identify and localize natural or artificial objects in pictures even in difficult conditions.

Maurice Gonzenbach

Maurice Gonzenbach

MSc ETH, Computational Science & Engineering

Pascal de Buren

Pascal de Buren

MSc ETH, Interdisciplinary sciences

Give us a shout at info@caplena.com

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